It’s time to cut through the confusion around popular nutrition.

In this eight-hour event, you’ll hear from six leading diet experts.

Together, we’ll analyze the evidence for Carnivore, Ketogenic (low carb), Weston A. Price, Vegan and Frugivore diets.

Applying my unique framework for critical thinking, you’ll learn to discern health fads from healthy diets and assess which diet has the best health outcomes.

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“I don’t even know what’s healthy anymore!”

So many of us feel overwhelmed in a sea of conflicting health information around diet and nutrition.

Things aren’t as straightforward as they used to be when your doctor would hand you the “food pyramid” as the blueprint for a healthy diet.

So we turn to wellness gurus, who seem to be thriving! 

Keto, Paleo, and Vegan are labels worn with pride to suggest one might have actually cracked the code to being the healthiest human.

But even amongst the most credentialed natural health practitioners, there seems to be debate and contradictory evidence to suggest what is truly healthy… and what’s not.

So many times, I’d try out a diet endorsed by “experts,” and convince myself I was in optimal health, only to experience that white noise fear that says…

“What if this diet really isn’t good for me? What if I’m not actually getting everything I need?”

And the truth was, that little voice of uncertainty was right.

I want to help you cut through the confusion… and get to the facts. 

I’ve asked 6 leading diet experts to present to you the data on Carnivore, Ketogenic (low carb), Weston A. Price, Vegan and Frugivore diets.

Together, we’ll interpret the evidence through the lens of two core questions:

What is the natural diet of mankind?

What diet has the best health outcomes?

Because knowing how to critically assess health information is crucial for health autonomy… 

... And knowing how to feed yourself healthily is the best preventative medicine.

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This conference is for you if…

You feel overwhelmed and confused about the best diet, and don't know what to believe, who to trust, or how to make up your own mind

You’ve always wondered if Carnivore, Ketogenic, Weston A. Price, Vegan or Frugivore diets are more than just health trends, and if there is true evidence to support their outcomes

You often get stuck in the “plant-based vs. meat-based” diet debate, and can’t seem to determine which is right for you

You’re a plant-based or meat-based food activist, and wonder if there is legitimacy to the other side

You’ve been following the same diet for years and struggle with chronic symptoms

You’re health conscious and feel well, but often wonder if your diet is doing enough for you

You’re a self-proclaimed bio-hacker looking for evidence on the optimal diet for energy, vitality and longevity

You’re a health and wellness practitioner looking to guide clients towards optimal diet and nutrition

You’re looking to deepen your understanding of diet and terrain-based medicine

What You’ll learn

  • Up-to-date evidence on which diet is the natural diet of man
  • An in-depth analysis of which diet has the best health outcomes: Carnivore, Ketogenic (low carb), Weston A. Price, Vegan, and Frugivore
  • The difference between healing and maintenance diets 
  • Which health conditions have been cured through various diets 
  • How to resolve contradictory evidence around diet and nutrition
  • Trustworthy sources for in-depth knowledge regarding diet and nutrition
  • The most common fallacies around diet and nutrition... and how to spot them!
  • How to discern health fads from healthy diets
  • How to form your own opinion by applying logic and reason to scientific findings
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Meet the Expert Presenters

Dr. Anthony Chaffee

Medical Doctor, Neurosurgical Resident, Athlete, Author, & Carnivore Diet Expert

Joel Kahn, MD, FACC

Founder, Kahn Center for Cardiac Longevity

Sally Fallon Morell

Weston A. Price Foundation President, & Author of the Best-Selling Nutritional Cookbook Nourishing Traditions

Dr. Paul Mason

Sport and Exercise Medicine Physician, Researcher, & Internationally Recognized Authority on Low Carbohydrate Diets

Loren Lockman

Founder, Tanglewood Wellness Center, & the Academy for Vibrant Living

Dr. Robert Morse

Naturopathic Physician, Raw Foodist, & Master Herbalist

Andrew Kaufman, MD

Forensic Psychiatrist, Natural Healing Practitioner, & Researcher

Decoding Diets

A virtual conference hosted by Andrew Kaufman, MD



  • 8+ HOURS of expert presentations and interviews
  • AUDIENCE Q&A with Andrew Kaufman, MD
  • LIFETIME ACCESS to HD downloadable replay